Sys Net+Bank Gold

Sys Net+Bank Gold is a computer software, developed by Werfen España, S.A.U, intended to be used by blood and tissue banks.

Sys Net+Bank Gold is the result of the cumulative effort put in previous blood bank versions, being a combination of an updated vision about the management with the use of state of the art technologies.

In the case of the blood management, it covers the whole blood cycle, from its collection to its transfusion:

  • Promotion and collection management
  • Donor management
  • Donations recording
  • Laboratory
  • Product manufacturing
  • ISBT standard
  • Stock management, including locations
  • Stock processes (treatments, pools, fractionation, laboratory tests...)
  • Product supply and distribution
  • Patient management
  • Transfusion requests and patient samples



In order to be able to print labels or reports it’s necessary to have Crystal Reports 10 installed on the client computer.
Windows: 2003 server or higher
.Net Framework v4.0.30319 (if not preinstalled with the OS)
Activate the Internet Information Server
Oracle: Import/export utilities (Oracle 11g or higher)
Oracle Services for Microsoft Transaction server ( or higher)
Oracle DAC ( or higher. This includes the MTS).
.NET: Download the Eval3Lib library from GitHub


As only the source code is being published, it’s necessary to compile it to obtain the final distributable files.

The code is divided in two blocks: on one side the VB6 source code and on the other the VB.NET (2012) source code.

VB6: The main project is located in .\NBG_ui\NBGALL.vbg. The initial project when running is “NBG_ui”. The files generated in the “Binarios” folder, after compiling the project with VB6, must be installed (after registering them manually, or making a .msi package and executing it) on the client computer.

.NET: The main project is located in .\NBG_OraData\ nbg_OraData.sln. The initial project when running is “NBG_OraDataWCF”. The files generated in the “NBG_OraDataWCF” folder, after compiling the project with VB.NET, must be placed in the IIS in order to run as the application server.

The Oracle .DMP file must be imported into an Oracle 11 DB and compiled (the user and password of the DB schema are “NBG“ and “admin”, respectively).


The file “NBGOLD.ini” is used to configure the name (or IP) of the application server.
The “web.config” files are used to configure the name of the DB server, and the user and password of the schema where the data is stored (initially “NBG/admin”).

The default admin user and password for the application are “UA1” and “+++”


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